I need help. I am dealing with a virus that redirects my Internet to It displays a lot of advertisements and very annoying. Should I need to reformat my computer to be able to get rid of this hijacker? Are there any automatic removal program? Need your assistance.


  1. sam

    Hi, I had this exact same problem. I put up with the virus for over a year! just used the “cached” option on google. But it also stops your computer from accessing windows updates, which really affected mine.
    It was so simple to get rid of! malwarebytes. free download, although the virus will actually prevent your computer from recognising the website (now have the virus removed it shows up fine), find the free download on cnet or similiar. Did one scan, it removed it for me and HEY PRESTO, fixed computer.

  2. Mac Connolly

    I have a mac and i have the same prob!!! please help me!!!

  3. Carl

    I had the same problem with my Vista, for the Mac user use the below link and follow that persons instructions because it seems to have worked for them.

    As for me My windows Vista got infected and it won’t allow me to download software to fix it or windows update.

    My solution is to have an external hard drive that you can easily connect to a Different non infected computer. Then from there download this free software from

    Once downloaded to the external hard drive make sure you just download the installer package. Once that’s done attach the external hard drive to the infected CPU and load the installer into the computer. The software was updated at around 4/29/2010 and once installed it will ask you to update, but when you do the update it won’t allow you (similar to the windows update). This is fine because the 4/29 version is sufficient in finding and removing the problem.

    I have a Norton product that didn’t find this problem, but the CNET download worked and got rid of the problem and my PC is working normal now.

  4. jason

    the result5 and redirect5 virus infects routers from what I have read , you need to reset your router and put a password on there that is not “admin” then you will have to manually search for the redirect5/result5 program on your hard drive , there are a few anti spyware programs that will search for it for you but its normally in the win32 folder , delete it and you should be ok
    also delete all your history and clear everything from firefox/ie/chrome, whatever . then try and connect to the net , if its still there and your still getting redirected then I am all out of ideas, sorry

  5. Harlequin_Felis

    I fixed it by stopping my netbook getting DNS settings automatically, in the network card properties, go to down to the bottom of items (Internet Protocol TCP/IP) click it, then click properties below.

    Then, click on “Use following DNS Server Address” and put the following in 8 . 8 . 4 . 4

    This should have your DNS set to Google’s servers and eliminates the Result5 redirects.

  6. Abbe

    Thank’s Sam,
    Running Malwarebytes anti-malware even with a quickscan fix my problem (windows Vista) …it permitted Windows update, Defender update and even Malwarebytes updates which was first refused with the result5 virus.

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