Removing “wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD”

My computer is Dell N510 and is running under Windows 7. Few days ago, I started to receive a message about allow installing wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD. Since I don’t know this thing, I have to block it. The problem is, the pop-up never stops and keeps on receiving it each time I run Windows. The file in question is C:\users\username\AppData\local\temp\90820941\wssetup.exe.

I have tried to delete the wsstup.exe but nothing happens. In fact, it reappears each time I start Windows. Searching this problem on Google shows nominal results. It seems that only few were affected by this wssetup.exe virus or whatever.

Few things I have done to work on this problem include System Restore and scan with anti-virus. Both show no sign of relief. I am still having this Wssetup.exe by Perion Network LTD on the PC. It won’t go away no matter what I do. Anyone here have bright idea to stop this thing from bugging my computer? I will be waiting for answers.



  1. matt andersen

    After several searches, I found out that Perion Network Ltd is formerly known as IncrediMail. This I think is same company that spreads Incredibar and other sorts of services that were found malicious by security experts. For some time, I have dealt with Incredibar and found it hard to delete from the computer. I would say that ‘wssetup.exe’ have entered my computer through an adware. I am presently running a few scans and will update this forum on what have transpired.

  2. Clever Boy

    I have manage to block this cr*p in such tricky way:
    1. Go into a Control Panel -> Programs and find “IB Updater Service” which is actually wssetup.exe installer. Make it go to hell, but this not fixing the problem of annoying ask at startup
    2. Type in Run “%appdata%” then go one folder up to “Appdata/Local”
    You will find there 835.. or something folder. Inside that you have wssetup.exe. Get this to hell as before. Now DO NOT delete this numbered folder. Instead go into properties/Security and click Edit button. Tick box under your Username, SYSTEM and Administrators to “Deny – Full Control”, then confirm Deny.
    Restart system. Now this spam is rejected to run by system. Enjoy !

  3. DandiCan

    clever boy, your instructions worked perfect for me, thanks.

  4. Liz Carter

    Thanks Clever Boy, this worked for me as well. So nice to log on and not see the Perion Network box anymore!

  5. dode

    i cant find that appdata thing says file not found when i try and look for it any other way a can delete this as its doin my head in now got the first part tho cleverboy

  6. Phil G

    Wow this was also bugging me for the past week. I have now fixed the Perion Network box pop up on start up. I also had trouble finding the 835 folder. I followed Clever Boy’s steps, but when I got to the App/Data /Local, I then typed “wssetup.exe” into the search box & found it. I then continue with, Instead go into properties/Security and click Edit button. Tick box under your Username, SYSTEM and Administrators to “Deny – Full Control”, then confirm Deny.
    Restart system. Now this spam is rejected to run by system. Yeah it’s gone !!!!
    Hope this may help you “dode”
    Thanks Clever Boy

  7. dode

    still no finding it i dont want to have to pay someone 50 quid when i can get it done maself am about ten mins away from smashing ma computer lol

  8. gloris

    thank u Clever Boy, and Phil G

  9. Phil G

    UPDATE >> I posted earlier today that the problem was fixed. After logging on later today “wssetup.exe” had returned. So I found on another forum the following…..
    “I’ve found the solution (at least on my computer).
    typed MSCONFIG in run box at the startup menu, than under the Automatic Startup page checked out the ‘Sweet Packs Update Manager’ and now my computer starts normally. So I think this program was the agressiive try from Sweet Pack to be installed on my PC. Good luck!”

    I followed these steps and so far the “wssetup.exe” has not popped up at all…..
    Fingers crossed.

  10. jon

    i uninstalles IB but another account was logged on it uninstalled but didnt work

  11. dode

    does that include the sweet pack im aswell as i have both when i typed in msconfig?

  12. Phil G

    dode. I just unticked ‘Sweet Packs Update Manager’ only & it’s been ok for me since yesterday. :-)

  13. Boris

    Will someone please help a 74 yr old twit with this Perion problem?
    Where (in what screen) do I type “run %appdata%” to follow Clever Boy’s suggestion? Or how do I get to “app/data/local” as suggested by Phil G
    Is there any chance of a simple step-by-step instruction which someone born the year WWII broke out can follow – please…….

  14. Boris

    PS to the above, I am running in Windows 7

  15. Stefan

    Thanks to cleverboy.

    Removal as described worked on Win7 64bit.

  16. Speedy

    Removing the sweetpack worked for me – thanks guys :-)

  17. rsftronics

    dode,i hope this tricks can help u how to find the wssetup.exe,,,open local disk C, user,,your username example rolly,tick organized on the left up side,tick the folder and search options,,in general tab check the box show all folder,,then go to VIEW tab mark the SHOW THE HIDDEN FILES,FOLDERS AND DRIVES..tick apply and OK
    ,,then follow the instruction given by CLEVER BOY,,now your problem solved..GOODLUCK!


  18. robotayyy

    just delete “C:\users\username\AppData\local\temp\90820941” folder

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