Removing “Houston we have a problem” virus

There are times that my computer will display a blue screen with message “Houston we have a problem.” Right after the messages is displayed; the computer will log off or shut down. I noticed the “Houston we have a problem” virus after downloading a tool from the web site, which I got from an email link.

As of now, I am scanning the computer with my AVG anti-virus and it seems not finding any threats on my PC. After this, I will scan again with online virus scanner to check for malware, which is causing the blue screen Houston message.

If anyone in this forum who have been in the same situation before, can you please tell me the winning solution to stop “Houston we have a problem” blue screen virus? Later, I will post the result of ongoing scan. Hope this method works.

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  1. monroe

    Hi, I am not aware that there is a virus of this kind. This is the first time I’ve heard of the “Houston, We Have a Problem” virus. It appears to me a method of rogue program but based on your question, your antivirus is not detecting the virus. I don’t believe that the BSoD is from Windows. It is more of a fake error message. Any way here are some pointers to remove the virus.

    1. Keep your anti-virus program up-to-date.
    2. Run a full scan on the computer. If possible, use alternative scanner like MBAM, SAS, or RogueKiller.
    3. You can also run another scan using online virus scanner. This is effective and yet you do not have to install the program. Therefore, there will be no conflict with your existing anti-virus software.

    Hope this can help you remove “Houston, We Have a Problem” virus.

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