Remove “You steal music I lock your PC” virus

I am having big problem removing this “You steal music I lock your PC” virus on my computer.

Last night, my computer just doesn’t want to start. Every time I open my computer if just fails. Instead of the default Windows logo and screen, a malware showing “You steal music I lock your PC” background will appear. It locks everything and I can’t press any single key on the keyboard. My mouse is also stucked.

What worry me are the files inside the computer. I have office and personal files. The malware might delete them if I will not remove this virus right away.

I have no idea how this “You steal music I lock your PC” have taken over my computer. I’ve got great anti-virus program installed. I never download just any program from the Internet. My PC was never got infected with viruses, malware, or Trojans in the past months or so. This is the first time that a virus as perilous as this one has entered my computer.

Please tell me what to do to remove this malware.

Al John

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  1. brokenkool

    “You steal music I lock your PC” is a hoax. Most security experts never see at as an attack similar to FBI virus. First and foremost, this one never asked you for a ransom or payment in order to gain access on the computer once again.

    Since “You steal music I lock your PC” remains a mystery and there is no clear way of removing this on the computer, you might try tools that can delete malware from Windows bootup. Kaspersky Rescue Disc is a tool that can be placed on a CD or USB flash drive. Then, you can boot and scan from that device.

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