Remove WindowsCo Virus

After browsing the web for some minute, I noticed that my computer slows down a bit. Then, all programs close by itself. I open Internet Explorer and return to web surfing when I noticed that my requested pages are redirected to unknown spot. I run a virus scan and it turned out that my computer is infected something like a WindowsCo virus.

Searching the web for this malware gives no result. What I have seen is posted comment for a windosCo virus. I presume that the person who posted that is in the same situation as I am. Anyway, my anti-virus program detects the infection but not able to remove it from my computer. As of this time, I disable Internet on the PC because I am worried that sooner, windosCo may add some malware into it.

Anyone here knows how to remove the WindowsCo virus. It is identified as malicious add-on/extension but it is nowhere to be found on my browsers. I am using Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome. The virus affects all of them.