Remove Win32:Malware-gen

Hi, about two days ago, my computer is acting so strange. When I start Windows, it will take long before it loads. It will display a blank screen for around 3 minutes before it reveals Windows logo, then another couple of minutes before it loads. When I am using the computer, it is so slow to respond to my commands. It will take a while before it opens a program. I am certain that it is not my hardware because I am using Intel i5 processor with 4GB memory.

Avast keeps on showing an alert about Win32:Malware-gen. I scan the computer and during the final stage, it shows around dozens of infected file. Avast manages to remove all Win32:Malware-gen but after I restart the computer, the same threat appears.

Please tell me how to remove Win32:Malware-gen completely. Some forums advises me to update my antivirus, which I did. However, that doesn’t fix the problem.

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  1. didi

    Have you tried running the scan while the computer is in safe mode? Also, run a scan using aswmbr, the anti-rootkit software from Avast. You can also resolve this virus problem with free tool from Kaspersky. It is called TDSSKiller. There is a bunch of stand-alone virus remover out there. Go and search the web for the right one.

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