Remove Unlockthenet virus

While browsing a web site referred by a friend, I accidentally clicked on another link, which make unlockthenet virus to infiltrate my computer. I am not sure if it is a virus since my AVG did not react to it. This unlockthenet search has taken over my homepage. It also replaces Google with unlockthenet search engine, which gives me unwanted results. There is an added toolbar on my browser but I don’t know if it still belongs to unlockthenet virus.

Is there someone here who got into this trouble? Please share your steps on how to deal with this malware. I need to remove unlockthenet virus from my computer as soon as possible. I need tool that can automate the uninstall process because I am not a technical person.


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  1. danny_b

    Hello, I have not been into that situation before. If ever I have that problem, I’m sure the following method is the answer.

    Try updating your antivirus program and run another set of scan. Running anti-malware tools like Superantispyware, Malwarebytes, Spybot, and Rogue Killer might also help remove whatever that virus in your computer.

    If you can carry manual removal, you can simply uninstall the program from control panel. Also, remove suspicious add-ons and extensions from your browser.

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