Remove the Otshot virus

While browsing some download sites yesterday, I accidentally clicked on a link that downloaded and installed Otshot on my computer. I cannot cancel the installation process so I have to finish it. As soon as it’s done, I browse Add/Remove Programs from Control Panel to remove it. Sadly, I found no entry for Otshot or any similar term like Hotshot. Looking up at Programs and Desktop doesn’t show any signs of the program. No shortcut links at all.

Only sign about the presence of Otshot is every time I open the computer, I received a warning “Cannot open skin”. Then, another couple of warnings will appear before it opens the main program. Process of this software is also not found on task manager of Windows, so I cannot end it.

Otshot keeps on bothering my computer for two days now. Running a virus scan shows no sign of relief. The scan comes clean, no single virus or adware is found on my computer. Please help me uninstall Otshot.



  1. MikeTobert

    Hotshot, also known as Otshot MFC program is an adware. Most people who came across this software want to remove it from the computer due to its suspicious activity. Here is what you have to do.

    1. Download Hitman Pro.
    2. Save the file to a location on your hard drive.
    3. Scan the computer and remove all PUP’s it may identify on the computer. I believe Otshot is tagged as PUP on this scanner.

    4. Download AdwCleaer.
    5. Save the file on your hard drive. After downloading, run a complete scan on the computer and let it remove all adware. This tool will also look for any adware and add-ons that are installed on the browser.

    After running the two scan, Otshot must not be present onto your computer at this time. However, if you are still seeing signs of this virus, then, you have to proceed with the procedure below.

    6. Search and download the program Combofix. You can download this from Bleepingcomputer web site. Save the file on your dektop.
    7. Open notepad then ‘cut and paste’ the following contents (excluding the lines). Save it as CFScript on your desktop. It should be on the same place where you put Combofix.

    c:\program files\OtShot



    8. Go to your desktop. You must see icons of Combofix and CFScript.txt. Drag CFScript.txt into the Combofix icon.
    9. Open Combofix and run a scan on the computer.

    Hope this will help you clean the PC from Otshot virus.

  2. Steve Lee

    Mike, you’re a life saver. I have contacted OtShot so many times asking for help in removing their programs but got no reply. This adware is bugging me for almost a week now. If not for this forum and Mike’s procedure, I wouldn’t have gotten rid of OtShot.

  3. Michael Claes

    Have the same experience but can’t get rid of it. I have no idea how I got it except that Microsoft has turned into worse. One morning I woke up to 53 installations of Bing. I got rid of all but 11. Microsoft did its part by deleting Google, Chrome, Mozilla and Opera.

    Ot Shot is another Microsoft infection. I guess they have decided to give up making quality products. A Microsoft technician told me to uninstall and reinstall Windows and then avoid any Microsoft operation, starting with Explorer, which has turned into a cesspool.

    Bring back Bill Gates!

  4. E. Michalees

    I have had Advanced Uninstaller Pro on my computer for about a year and used it successfully for some programs that were hard to get rid of, or malware, or whatever. I am not an expert.

    I received otshot this week on my computer and deleted it from the Uninstall section of my computer, but the popup “Can not load skin” and another popup remained.

    I saw this video on YouTube but had already deleted some folders but this video looks like it may work for some and doesn’t involve any downloads. hxxp://
    How to Manual Remove OtShot

    I had already deleted the program from uninstall so could not follow the steps in the video, I was stuck with the popup “Can not load skin” and also another popup.

    So I read this forum and the tried the bottom typing of “*shot*” into the START menu. It brought up otshot. Previously I had tried using Advanced Uninstaller Pro on this but it had not worked but typing this “*shot*” in and clicking delete brought up Advanced Uninstaller Pro in the submenu. I used it again and it seems to have cleared otshot off of my computer. It is not loading the popups and I do not see evidence anywhere else of it.

    I appreciate the time people take to provide info to this world community – I use the info provided for so many things. Thanks, hope this helps someone.

    I have had Advanced Uninstaller and just reinstalled the update Advanced Uninstaller Pro. I was stuck with a language program at one point and downloaded this. I usually don’t install items but took a chance on this. I have no idea where it comes from or whose it is. I love it so far, that is all I know. It has been a great tool. Thanks to whoever provided this download on the net.

  5. E. Michalees

    Hi, re above from E. Michalees

    When I said I read this forum
    I did not put in the forum info: It is hxxp://

    under Solvang, Dec. 13, 2012

  6. hoffmann

    Hallo, auch ich will otshot loswerden.Was seid Ihre alles Nullen !!!!!!!!!! Pc Spezialisten u. keine Ahnung wie der Mist entfernt wird. Schämt Euch ,was macht Ihr alles für Sprüche. Von allem Ahnung u. doch keine alles Klugschwätzer. Ich bin absoluter Laie , ich schäme mich für Euer Unwissen.Ich werde das Systen neu installieren. Vielen Dank Euch ” Nullen “

  7. Kayleigh

    I am unable to uninstall otshot because it says its open in another program. I don’t have any programs running. What do I do?

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