Remove pop-up virus

I am suffering from a slow computer due to virus infection. So, I did take a look at some files, folders, as well as installed programs and browser extensions. I never found unusual and even an antivirus scan shows no sign that I should be worried.

Today, a pop-up appears on the computer claiming to be a Microsoft partner. It is suspicious due to the URL The pop-up states that my computer is running slower and they can fix it for me through a remote desktop connection. I refuse because I know that could be a domain for Indian guys scamming the net recently.

Does having the pop-up from confirm a virus infection on my computer? Why my antivirus program wouldn’t eliminate this thing?
Pop-up appears each time I am browsing the web. I never click on anything to avoid further virus infection. Closing the browser window is perhaps the best thing to do to evade However, I cannot be on this situation forever. I must find a way to totally delete this virus for good.

Are there any real working solutions to remove which I can find online? Please help me.

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  1. BillGen

    All my browser’s home page keeps on redirecting to I have run anti-virus scan but no threat was found on my computer. Sometimes, this virus blocks my access to certain web site. Please advise me what to do.


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