Remove “Startup Repair” Virus

I just moved to a new location and I have to share Internet connection with a friend via shared network. I found that the server sharing the Internet is having issues, probably infected with virus of some sort. I have no choice but to use it. Anyway, during 3 hours connected with it, I felt that something is installed on my computer. Then I saw a pop-up Startup Repair. To me, this thing is a virus. It won’t let me boot in safe mode. In fact, Startup Repair virus is even present as one of the selection in Safe Mode.

I have scanned the computer with AVG antivirus. It found and deleted some Trojans. That method seems not to resolve my problem. Startup Repair virus is still inside my computer. It shows each time I start Windows. Please tell me how to remove this pest from my computer.

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  1. django

    ‘Startup Repair’ is a malware. Most anti-malware programs as well as antivirus can detect this threat. Although, not all security programs can remove Startup Repair virus, it might have a rootkit component that makes some of its files hidden on the system. Also, this rootkit hides running process of the malware, which helps it evade some security product.

    Make sure that you are using an effective security product. I suggest that you run a scan of MalwareBytes Anti-Malware and Anti-rootkit tool. Symantec, Kaspersky, and McAfee offers this rootkit remover free from their specific web sites. Scanning in Safe Mode of Windows also reduces the risks of loading the malware on start-up sequence.

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