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Hello there, I have a feeling that my computer is infected with searchab virus. Every time I am browsing the Internet, I am seeing pop-up alerts that endorse cloud-hosting services. Other times, it redirect by browser to gaming web site and unknown pages that I didn’t request. It is some sort of a hijacker malware.

This thing may have started after I installed a program called Privatize VPN. After searching the web, I noticed that it is an adware program that should not be placed in the computer. Since then, I am getting redirected to and other sites. I search for searchab file and it shows that install date is same as the VPN. Since the day I installed this program, I notice that the PC is running slower than before. While browsing the Internet, it takes some time before I can reach the requested page and often, it redirects to

I cannot find a seachab or Privatize VPN in my control panel so how can I remove this virus? Any help I can get from this forum will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot.


  1. Arnab

    I had the same issue with Privatize VPN, but the only issue I have from it is that my Firefox search bar needed to be reset. I’m trying to solve it now. I might report back soon with some help, but there was an “Uninstall Privatize VPN” option for me that I used right away.

  2. nestor

    @Arnab, this steps might help you remove hijacker by deleting Privatize VPS in Firefox.

    1. Open Mozilla Firefox browser.
    2. On the address bar, type about:config, then click on “I’ll be careful, I promise” when it prompts that it might void your warranty.
    3. Find the Search bar near the address bar and search the following value: Privatize VPN, Searchab
    4. If the search produces relevant names, right-click on the item and it will show a drop down menu. Click on RESET.
    5. Please restart Firefox and see if has gone.

  3. Kelvin

    I have the same problem but with Chrome. If anyone can help that would be great.

  4. Glynn

    Nestor, Thank you so much, I have had the problem for 2 weks or so, also since got Privitize in my browser bar from somewhere. it was causing firefox to not give me any search facilities on my laptop. @ days ago I started to get searchab malfunction mesage.. I followed your clear instructions and by searching first for privitize and resetting that, and then rebooting firefox and searching on searchab and resetting that, rebooting firefox for the 3rd time, I now have firefox fully functional.. Thanks again

  5. Janet

    To Nestor for supplying these easy-to-follow directions that worked better than anything else I found (and I spent awhile searching): thank you thank you thank you! And gracias

  6. stuart

    Hey mate those who want to get rid of it in CHROME you go in settings and then scroll down to search and chose from the drop down menu Google instead of privatize VPN …i dont know how to remove it from PC but youll be able to search better on chrome :) now i suggest run a scan…. ive got Norton and it removed it nps :D

  7. Happy Happy

    Wow,very interesting and straight to the point instructions.These worked for me like a charm.Thanks a zillion to everyone that contributed.Thanks!

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