I have a laptop running in Windows Vista that got infected with virus. The said hijacker took over the home page of browsers Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Aside from the search, I have the Iminent Toolbar that I find useless and annoying. It won’t go away even if I have scanned the computer with several anti-virus applications.

Iminent virus affects Google Chrome deeply. Opening this browser initiate 2 tabs, one is my default and the other is for Search results are manipulated by this virus. It keeps on redirecting to various sites that are suspicious. With the three browsers affected by this hijacker, I cannot use the Internet anymore. Please tell me how to remove and toolbar from my computer


PS. Disabling Iminent Toolbar and Iminent Search add-on and extension from the browser will not help.

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  1. nana_kin

    I’ve got this Iminent Search and Toolbar virus two days ago. I have removed it from the add-on part of Internet Explorer and was happy not to see it for a while. After few hours or so, Iminent virus came back. Then, I look at my lists of program and saw that newer one is called Umbrella. So, I uninstall the Umbrella software.

    Just a tip, you need to open Task Manager and End the running process of ‘Umbrella’ before you can delete it. Otherwise, Windows will pop-up an error saying that it cannot end the running process.

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