Remove redirect virus

Since yesterday, after installing a ‘download speed’ program, I notice that there are many changes on my browser. I have a Certified Toolbar virus and my home page keeps on redirecting to Also, another malware that comes with this, is a pop-up ads that constantly appears on my system tray. I already run various scan including hijackthis. It found some virus and deletes them. After several fixes, my browser is still affected by hijacker. I want to bring back my old home page. Most of all, I want to retain my google search. But how can I do that. Certified Toolbar does not want to leave my computer. Every time I do a search, it redirects me to the web address

I need someone who can help me fix the issue with instant remover. I am willing to buy any programs that can remove the virus from my computer.



  1. 1dennis1

    Oucch, my computer is also bugged by this certified-toolbar redirect thing. So far, I am running a scan of superantispyware. Same as you, I also got it after downloading a file from adfly. I have removed the downloaded file from Windows control panel but certified-toolbar is still disturbing my browsers.

  2. Christopher

    Hey Thanks Very Much! I Finally Installed spyware . I Was Wondering Why It Wouldn’t Install. Thanks!!!
    Thank you very much! This is the only working description for this problem.

    But give me information that how same virus can deteted my PC????

  3. Charlotte

    Good to see real expertise on display. Your coburinttion is most welcome.

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