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Hi, this pop-up about Real Registry Cleaner always shows on my computer. It is a fake registry scanner that will show-up on the center of my screen. Another one will pop-up from my system tray, this time it is called Advanced Registry Cleaner.

When I click the one appearing on my system tray, it will open Real Registry Cleaner scanner. This program will start to make trouble when I run Windows. After my login, the malware will instantly run a scan on my computer outside of my command. Then, it tells me that several of my registry entries are damaged by the Trojan. When I clicked on “Repair”, it will open another browser window asking for my credit card or Paypal account.

It is clear to me now that Real Registry Cleaner and Advanced Registry Cleaner are rogue programs. My only problem now lies on its removal. I cannot remove the malware because I don’t have Internet access to download a recommended tool by my friend. Please help me.



  1. tech-support

    You will find below a simple removal guide to delete Real Registry Cleaner virus from an infected computer. Please follow the steps carefully.

    1. Download a free tool called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware from the link below. Save the file on your Desktop or any desired location as long as it is accessible to you.

    2. When download completes, double-click on the file to install the program.

    3. Follow the prompts and install the program using the “default” settings.

    4. Before the installation completes, you need to update the database.

    5. Click on Finish. The program will run automatically. Once it prompts for update, please proceed before running a virus scan. This update is necessary in having the latest database to detect and remove Real Registry Cleaner.

    6. Scan your computer totally. Make sure that it inspects all files, folders and registry entries for possible infection.

    7. When the scan is finished, click on Show Results.

    8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked with check. Please click on Remove Selected.

    9. After removing all items associated with Real Registry Cleaner, it will prompt you to restart the computer. Click Yes. This will reboot the system in order to complete the cleaning process.

    10. When computer starts, open MalwareBytes Anti-Malware once again. Go to the tab with label Quarantine. Click on Delete All to remove all malicious items in your PC.

    Note: Real Registry Cleaner action may prevent you from downloading the recommended tool. If this happens, please download the program from a different computer. Rename it before running on infected system.

  2. D Jons

    WARNING!!!! DO NOT DOWNLOAD ANY “FREE” TOOLS! Note the security go around to install this garbage. Probably won’t get this message posted. “Free’ is a hook. They are NEVER free and should be considered dangerous, even if they appear to be supported by your security software. Their marketing plan at best amounts to extortion.

    Sadly, I have found all of these products to be useless and very dangerous. When you are encouraged to download a “free” registry editor or Malware cleaning application, you download it, it “scans” your computer, finds a multitude of “errors” and other problems, and finally demands money to “fix” your computer, it’s too late. You cannot safely get rid of it. These programs have slick websites to promote them; claim all kinds of super awards; and make ridiculously broad claims. They never “specifically” promise to be able to fix anything.

    I cannot tell you whether they have the ability to undue the damage they cause to your registry if you choose to pay them, but I refuse to acquiesce to extortion. I would absolutely NOT download anything if it is touted as a “free download.” NONE OF THEM except perhaps JAVA and ADOBE, but even these applications can be can be compromised, imitated, or hijacked! I suspect these Registry Cleaner and Mal-Ware Removal companies create sites just like this one to promote their Scamware.

    My recommendation if you already downloaded the program, carefully go though and transfer all files you want to save to a thumb drive, if you have the ability to do so. You may have to access them through “Run” or “My Computer” to get to them. View the folders carefully, and do not save anything that you did not put there or that has an icon you do not recognize or remember putting in that folder. After transferring the files, check the thumb drive and delete anything that appears that that you did not create or remember creating.

    Re-install your operating system and all programs from your original disks. Carefully re-introduce files, first scanning them with your newly-installed and updated security software.

  3. D Jons


  4. Go Pc Pro

    How to working Go pc pro Registry-Cleaner

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