Remove RBL pop-up virus

I keep on receiving RBL pop-up on my computer few minutes after turning it on. This pop-up normally appears on Firefox. There is no option to close the pop-up box because clicking on X or OK doesn’t do anything.

Each time the RBL pop-up appears, it seems to be coming from different web address. Refreshing the browser may have resolved this issue for a while. However, after some time, about 10 minutes, it will appear again on my screen.

On my second day dealing with it, RBL pop-up virus seems to infect Internet Explorer also. It will show once I open the browser, unlike in Firefox that it opens as a New Tab so I can still use the default tab to surf the web.

This problem started when I clicked on a video from Facebook. I wasn’t able to view the video because I received an error in an instant. After that, I closed Facebook and never download any apps. It could be in the process of clicking the link that RBL virus manages to sneak into the computer.

My computer is currently protected with Norton, but it doesn’t detect any threats when running a virus scan. It didn’t even identify any malware when I clicked on a Facebook link.

I really don’t know what to do now. Please help me remove RBL pop-up on my computer.

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  1. classil_life

    Is this rbl pop-up a virus? I am only seeing it when I was on Facebook. It doesn’t appear on some web sites which I used to browser. In my case, the pop-up that will appear on the screen has the following text “rbl:1 url :http: //”.

    Please note that I keep on receiving random numbers at the end of the address. There are times that when I hit ‘refresh’ advertisements will pop-up on the screen. Though, I only encounter that pop-up rarely. Perhaps this is come kind of unfinished or broken advertising scheme.

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