Remove “Ransom Ware” virus

I have this virus called “Ransom Ware” and it locks my computer. I cannot access anything on the PC right now. The virus starts alongside Windows. In fact, “Ransom Ware” virus will show up right after the log-on screen so there is no way that you can prevent it.

I must have obtained this “Ransom Ware” from a program recently downloaded. I am supposed to watch a video on other site when a pop-up appears telling me to update my player. I am so dupe to follow the instruction and what I got is a malware called “Ransom Ware”.

Now, I really don’t know what to do with the computer. I can run the computer in SafeMode without having the “Ransom Ware” pop-up. However, I cannot download any removal tools. When I try to boot the PC in SafeMode with Networking, the “Ransom Ware” will appear again.

I have run the default antivirus program on my computer. Sadly, it didn’t find anything malicious. The scan shows that computer is clean without the “Ransom Ware” virus.

Please give me some advice how to get rid of this virus. What is the best tool to take away this malware out of my computer?