Remove pop-up (breaking news virus)

There is a virus intrusion on my computer wherein will pop-up on sidebar of a web page showing breaking news or supposed o be headline from around the world. I also saw part of it on the start-up folder as well as program files directory.

There is an option to uninstall from add/remove programs of Windows but after executing it, this virus will re-appear after restarting Windows. Some forum member says that this virus is intended to show ads to users. But I believed that there is some danger on having it. is very suspicious. First of all, I never installed it on the computer; it just loaded on its own. Perhaps, a Trojan or adware injects it into the system.

After running several scans, only few viruses were removed from my computer. It didn’t include or breaking news virus. I wanted to do system restore but I am having an error in the middle of the process. I guess has something to do with it. Please tell me how to fully remove this pesky program. What removal tool should I use to effectively get rid of it from my computer?

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