Remove netuza32.exe virus

Please help me remove netuza32.exe virus. This was detected by my antivirus program as a Trojan but cannot remove it. I think this was part of a rootkit that infected my computer days ago. How can I completely remove netuza32.exe virus? Please, I need help. Thanks.


  1. London

    Download the latest free version of ‘Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool 2010’. I used that to get rid of netuza32.exe on my dads pc, the virus was making CPU run at 100% and the fans blazing. Very frustrating to get rid of netuza32 because its a new virus and there’s little info on how to deal with it. Make sure you get the latest version of the removal tool and it should be able to remove the virus for you, did for us!

    Hope that helps you and anyone else that might read this

  2. Yardman

    I use Microsoft Security Essentials to remove this Trojan file and other associated files on a computer I repaired. The best way to clean it is, remove the hard-drive and slave it to another computer with Microsofte Security Essentials installed. Then right click the drive and run a scan with Microsoft Security Essentials. In addition, I use IObit Security 360 to remove additional files on the computer.
    Some of the Trojans found were Netuza32.exe, Trojan.32/Hitoti.gen and TrojanDownloader.32. Good luck!

  3. apeyards

    London, that was so easy. Never thought I can remove it with a free program. Thanks a lot for your help. netuza32.exe virus was completely gone and my computer runs as fast as before.

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