Remove “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” virus

When I am browsing the Internet, this lock screen virus appears with message “Navigation to the webpage was canceled.” It will pop-up at no given time blocking access to web site I wanted to visit. I have no idea how this virus got into my computer. One thing I am sure is that it is not a legitimate browser message. Moreover, it is not a warning coming from the web site.

“Navigation to the webpage was canceled” virus affects only Internet explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome has somehow escaped the wrath of this malware. Each time the message appears on the screen, I noticed the address on the status bar is different, not the URL of my preferred web page.

My antivirus program is quiet on this issue. As if nothing silly is happening on the computer. Running the virus scan also shows no sign of infection. What else should I do to stop the browser from showing the “Navigation to the webpage was canceled” message? If anyone in this forum have encounter the same virus infection, kindly share the removal procedures.

Thanks a lot.