Remove “Media Finder” from computer

The Media Finder virus found itself inside my computer. I thought it was a useful program so I tried it. Until recently, the program seems to be doing something odd on my PC. It shows up every time I have Internet session. Worst, Media Finder download things on its own without my command. It is downloading huge file from another site and it may took a while before downloads reach the end. This morning, Media Finder downloaded what seems to be the largest file it can get. The program freezes and my Internet speed begin to crawl.

I look at my Control Panel and hoping that I can uninstall Media Finder from add/remove programs. To my surprise, the program is missing. There is no way to remove Media Finder instantly from Windows. What are the other effective ways to delete this malware from my computer? Please help me.



  1. fillipos

    Most antivirus program already flagged Media Finder as malicious software. Therefore, simple scan using these security products may get rid of the adware. You may never see an entry of the adware from your control panel. The program was designed to be installed and remain on the computer to serve ads and be the moneymaker for its developers.

    One antivirus that identified Media Finder as adware is Norton. Try running a scan of Norton Power Eraser and see if it get rid of the program. If you can run the scan in safe mode of Windows, it will be better. Aside from NPE, scan the PC with anti-malware like Malwarebytes or SuperAntispyware.

  2. nono

    i want to delete media finder in my computer

  3. lokesh

    this media founder had created so many problems to system plz forward me a good reasion how to uninstall this stupid programmme

  4. engy

    oh my god , media finder is very harmful programe , please help me to delete it , please

    your’s ,

  5. Skin Suit

    Media Finder has infected my computer as well. To date, I have exhausted countless hours trying to remove to no avail. Any insight available?

  6. kaushal kumar tripathi

    how can i deletemedia finder fm my computer

  7. Kurt Kenobi

    Use malwarebytes and then run malwarebytes rootkit. I ran them in safe mode and then again after a restart, gen crawl was wiped clean and all is good.

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