Remove MBR:\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition2

Help me please. My Avast antivirus detected a virus with unusual name called MBR:\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition2. This appears very often, but when I tried to delete it or move the virus into chest, I receive a message “Error: The request is not supported (50)”.

There are already many discussions about MBR:\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition2. I have tried some given solutions in my computer but neither seems to work. Maybe their system is different from mine. I cannot find a better solution that will work with my PC. Removal tools like aswMBR, Norton Power eraser and zeroaccess remover are blocked on my computer. Running these tools crashes my system and reboots itself.

Can someone please find some time and help me remove MBR:\\.\PHYSICALDRIVE0\Partition2? Are there any quick fixes that I can use delete this virus? I am old and not pond of running a bunch of tools.

John T.