Remove Live Security Platform Virus

Hi, I notice some changes on my computer. There is always a warning pop-up coming from Live Security Platform. I think it is a virus. The program just appeared on my computer even though I did not allow it to install. Currently, I have no idea where did I obtain this from Live Security Platform virus. All I know is, I clicked on a link sent to me by one of my trusted FB friends. My antivirus sends an alert and deleted a virus at the same moment. All the while, I thought my computer is clean. Until this morning, Live Security Platform pop-ups and showed me some illicit acts. However, I am still not yet certain if it originates from my reckless clicks or from browsing adult contents.

Please help me find the solution to uninstall Live Security Platform from the computer. It blocks almost everything useful on my PC. I can’t work, browse, and open programs.


  1. corei3

    You will find below a simple removal guide to delete Live Security Platform virus from an infected computer. Please follow the steps carefully.

    1. Download Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware. Save the file on your Desktop or any desired location as long as it is accessible to you.

    2. When download completes, double-click on the file to install the program.

    3. Follow the prompts and install the program using the “default” settings.

    4. Before the installation completes, you need to update the database.

    5. Click on Finish. The program will run automatically. Once it prompts for update, please proceed before running a virus scan. This update is necessary in having the latest database to detect and remove Live Security Platform.

    6. Scan your computer totally. Make sure that it inspects all files, folders and registry entries for possible infection.

    7. When the scan is finished, click on Show Results.

    8. Make sure that all detected threats are marked with check. Please click on Remove Selected.

    9. After removing all items associated with Live Security Platform, it will prompt you to restart the computer. Click Yes. This will reboot the system in order to complete the cleaning process.

    10. When computer starts, open MalwareBytes Anti-Malware once again. Go to the tab with label Quarantine. Click on Delete All to remove all malicious items in your PC.

    Note: Live Security Platform action may prevent you from downloading the recommended tool. If this happens, please download the program from a different computer. Rename it before running on infected system.

  2. Fabiana

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