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Help me please. I am having an pop-up that often shows blank page. In some cases, the window contains advertisements about online games, gambling and other related stuff. This occurs after I incidentally installed an MP3 player while downloading some songs.

Running antivirus program shows no signs of virus infection. Maybe, is not part of a virus or something. It could be an adware or just simple pop-up ads. Whatever it is, I want it removed from my browsing activities. I’m bit annoyed each time that I browse the web, keeps on showing ads. Please help me. Did someone here happen to bump with this thing and figure out the causes of the problem?


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  1. Jerry

    First, try deleting unwanted add-ons. You can access the add-ons setup by navigating the top menu. Go to Tools, then, Add-ons. You will see Add-ons Manager window where you can remove unwanted entries. If you are just an ordinary Firefox user, only one entry must be present here, that is New Tab Homepage. It comes with default Firefox installation.

    Next, clear your cache web content and offline web content. You can find these in the Options > Advanced settings.

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