Remove Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU virus

Please help me remove a virus called Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU. My antivirus finds it all over my computer, on different folders and drives. Removing it seems impossible, no matter how many times I’ve tried to delete Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU from the computer, it restores itself after a while.

My friend tells me to update my antivirus software and run a scan in safe mode. I already did, but the result is disappointing. Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU spreads and the number increases each time I run the scan. I have numerous versions of this namely:

Gen:[email protected]
Gen:[email protected]
Gen:[email protected]?
Gen:[email protected]
Gen:[email protected]

Hope you guys can help me, or at least provide a removal tool for this Trojan.


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  1. devito

    To the best of my knowledge, Trojan.Heur are very dangerous. They are bundled with a fake antivirus program. The main goal of this Trojan is to install the rogue product inside your PC without evading any hindrance.

    The only way you can stop the computer from being contaminated with other variants is to cut off the Internet on the affected system. Find another way to download stand-alone virus remover like Stinger, Norton Power Eraser, Rescue Disc, or Sysclean. That should remove Gen:Trojan.Heur.FU.

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