Remove Fake Windows Anytime Upgrade

Hello there,

My computer is presently suffering for a fake Windows Anytime Upgrade. The graphic says that my Windows license has expired. I know that this is mere scare tactics because I am using a license operating system that comes bundled when I bought my Dell laptop.

Now that Fake Windows Anytime Upgrade is attacking my computer, what are the things needed to uninstall it. Temporarily, it is disconnected to Internet to prevent further harm because it constantly opens a web page window. I am posting this one using my tablet.

I did scan the laptop with AVG and Ad-ware but both programs returned zero result. Can you suggest free Fake Windows Anytime Upgrade removal tool?

Thanks a lot. I’ll wait for the reply.

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  1. matthew

    Fake Windows Anytime Upgrade is a ransom program. It already completed several changes to your registry. This is why the virus loads and executes the action each time you start Windows. There is slight chance that you can remove the malware without booting the computer to a separate device.

    First, you can try system restore and bring back your configuration to a previous clean restore point. You can do this by booting the PC using the Install Disc. Alternatively, you can create Kaspersky Rescue Disk and scan the computer with Windows Unlocker. After removing Windows Anytime Upgrade, run the object scan using the same Rescue Disk. That should delete the malware.

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