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My laptop is being bugged by redirect virus. Every search results I clicked when using Google keeps on redirecting to unknown pages mostly advertisements. Home pages of my browsers are now set to Search. I am using Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Both are affected by the virus. Aside from that, my browsers are also showing toolbars that just appears on that spot. I can’t remember downloading or installing this toolbar.

Right after seeing, I run a virus scan on my computer right away. AVG found nothing except for some cracked files and keygen, which I intentionally downloaded. Adaware scan shows presence of some unwanted Internet cookies. I prefer to delete them. After running those scans, still exists. I have looked on Windows Add/Remove but found to entries of the virus. Despite of setting my home page to Google, the virus doesn’t allow saving the changes I have made.

I decided to remove then reinstall the affected browsers but to no avail. I am running out of options so I am seeking help from this forum. Any procedures or methods to remove completely from my computer will be highly appreciated.



  1. dexter

    When doesn’t allow you to change any setting on the infected Internet browser, you can reset it to previous settings or default. Aside from that, you also need to run a complete scan on the computer. In this guide, we will scan the system with MBAM. Then, we will try to reset Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox to default configuration.

    1. Download and scan the computer with Malwarebytes Anti-malware. This free tool is sufficient in removing redirect virus. However, if you want the version that can protect your computer, you need to buy the licensed one.
    – Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Download Link:

    2. To reset Internet Explorer to default settings, please navigate to top menu. Go to Tools, then Internet Options. Click on the Advanced tab. Click on Reset button. It will prompt you to close all opened programs. Please follow the prompt to reset the browser settings.

    3. To be able to restore Firefox to its usual settings, go to top menu and click on Help. On drop-down list, click on Troubleshooting Information. On upper-right corner of the browser, you will see a box Reset Firefox to its default state. Click on Reset Firefox. Just follow the prompt until Firefox is restored.

  2. mike

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