Remove DomaIQ Pop-up Virus

A flash player icon on my system tray appears saying it needs an update. When I click on “Update” my antivirus warns me of some unknown Internet traffic. Right after that, a DomaIQ pop-up suddenly appeared. It seems that it has gotten a spot on my computer right now.

I visited Control Panel and on Add/Remove portion, there is a DomaIQ – Tuguu SLU items. It is weird that I cannot perform uninstall of this program. Several forums have this topic also, however, there is no clear procedure on how to remove DomaIQ virus from the computer.

After having this DomaIQ malware, I can sense that there are ongoing activities on my PC. The hard drive LED keeps on blinking as if something is being downloaded. Also, the software from Tuguu SLU has slowed down my computer. Opening some web sites takes longer than before.

I have run SuperAntiSpyware but it didn’t detect any viruses on the computer. This program is useless. If anyone here knows how to remove DomaIQ pop-up virus from my PC, please share your thoughts. I am fighting with this threat for almost whole day now.

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  1. captdaze

    You may be pertaining to Doma IQ and not DomalQ. It is an adware from It is one project of Tuguu. This is a system that is commonly used to spread and monetize any kind of programs including adware. The reason why you are seeing a DomalQ pop-up is because some adware is being installed into the computer. In that case, you may want to scan the computer with AdwCleaner.

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