Remove ‘Discover’ pop-up virus

Help me. I can’t remove this ‘Discover’ pop-up bar on my taskbar. It always shows up whenever I am on Youtube or MSN web sites. I have checked the setting on my browser but couldn’t find any add-on that could be responsible for the ‘Discover’ pop-up window.

This Discover pop-up bar is very annoying. When it shows, it covers almost a quarter of the screen. I can close the window, however after a while, it will come up again. There is nothing I can do to stop this virus, as I interpret it. My security programs are not efficient enough to detect and remove this kind of annoying threats.

What other things can I execute to stop Discover bar from appearing on my task bar? At first it only shows up on Google Chrome but after a day, Internet Explorer is beginning to display the same virus infection. The only browser not yet affected by this ‘Discover’ pop-up virus is Mozilla Firefox, maybe due to the pop-up blocker installed in it.

Kindly give me advise, tools, or any recommendations that can totally get rid of this malware from the computer.

Thanks a lot.

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  1. katy brace

    Download Free Antivirus 2013 Antivirus, and then take a virus scan and delete the virus.

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