Remove Cyber Wall ransomware

My computer is infected with Cyber Wall virus and there is no way to remove it. I think it has disable my antivirus program because when I try to run it, nothing happens. Also, there is an X mark on its taskbar icon.

Cyber Wall came into my computer when I installed a game downloaded using torrent program. My antivirus pop-ups a threat about ransomware virus. I was alarmed and put it into quarantine and still continue with the installation of the software. There is no suspicious or apparent malicious things I can remember when during the install process except for the antivirus alert I have mentioned.

After installing the program, my computer rebooted and this Cyber Wall virus was the first one to appear on my screen. It has blocked my access to files and programs. Also, Cyber Wall won’t allow me to browse the web fully. I cannot download tools because the virus has restricted my access to security web sites.

Please tell me how to remove this Cyber Wall ransomware virus.

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  1. Chris_Bo

    “Cyber Wall virus” could be a new variant of ransomware. I never heard any incident tagging Cyber Wall as the attacker. Anyway, thorough virus scan using various tools may help you remove the virus. As for the decryption of files affected by Cyber Wall virus, you may use Shadow Explorer. This is a free tool that looks for backup of files. In a more technical term, Windows Vista, 7, and 8 used to create a Shadow Volume Copy each time you saved a file. Some call it Previous Versions, while in Windows 8, it is known as File History.

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