I have the annoying pop-up that my antivirus could not stop. When I browse the Internet, IE will hang for the meantime and then it will pop-up and quickly redirects to an advertisement.

The pop-up occasionally shows when I am using Internet Explorer; I don’t experience pop-ups in Firefox. I have some information about this redirects and I am worried that my PC is infected with a Trojan or some malware. I want professional advices on how to remove this threat on my computer without doing a reformat. I have no time to reformat the computer because there are many files in there and programs that will take a lot of time to re-install.

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  1. sincetoday

    The way that you describe the infection, it seems that you are infected with a Trojan rootkit. That’s the same thing I experience when a malware get all my search result to redirect to unknown web sites. The only difference, the Trojan disturbs all my browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Firefox). Also, it only affects my Google search and anything else works fine.

    Anyway, my method may help you remove servefed pop ups.

    First, you need to download Kaspersky TDSSKiller. This is an anti-rootkit utility that you can download free. It is powerful in removing boot malware and rootkits. Just download the tool and run a scan on the infected computer.

    Second, download and install roguekiller. Another free tool that can remove malware that is causing the pop-up and redirects. Again, scan the computer with this tool.

    Last, remove malicious files from the following location:
    C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\
    Mostly, these are files that consists of random files like “ashsasja187a.exe” or similar.

    That’s it.

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