Remove Conteneur Activex Virus

I am worried that my computer is infected with Conteneur Activex virus. It opens a window saying “Conteneur Activex” and there is no way to close it. It stays on top of every opened program. The ‘X’ mark on its top bar is inactive so it is impossible to deactivate.

A friend of mine suggests closing Conteneur Activex pop-up using task manager, but it didn’t help either. I could not find any name that identifies the open Window. Perhaps, Conteneur Activex is a virus that strikes my PC after paying a visit to a video site. But how did it enter my computer when I am protected by Norton antivirus?
Anyone here can enlighten me on Conteneur Activex? If it is indeed a virus, can you please suggest working removal procedures?



  1. Jason

    I currently have the same virus. Apparently it is a “ransomware.” I’m running a scan right now.

  2. Emper

    Same problem here. In other forum I read that Hitman pro solved the issue, I tried and it did the trick.
    (Hitman Pro, 30 day free trial, full functionality)

  3. fates

    I have this “Conteneur Activex” yesterday. I found a solution that removed it.

    1. First, you must disconnect the Internet connection. This will prevent the communication between the virus on your computer and the server.
    2. Reboot the computer in Safe Mode. To do this, you must press F8 on the keyboard before Windows starts to load.
    3. Browse the folder C:\Users\. If you saw a file with random characters, pleasde delete it.
    4. Scan the computer with your antivirus program while still in safe mode. Clean or delete all identified threats
    5. After the scan, please restart the computer normally.


    lo que yo hice fue que antes que aparezca la ventana con la pagina web que cubre toda la pantalla ejecutar lo mas rápido posible “msconfig” y en la pestaña inicio inhabilitar todas las aplicaciones que inician con Windows así la maquina iniciara normalmente, como medida de precaución le instale malwarebytes pero quisiera que me dieran otra opción para antispyware saludos!

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