Remove ‘Browser Update’ virus

Hello. My computer is presently experiencing virus attack or excessive ads and redirect issue. When using Internet Explorer, I am seeing a Google Chrome symbol on upper left potion of the screen saying ‘Browser Update’. I know that this is not the usual update because it also appears on Firefox and Safari.

When I click on the Browser Update icon, a message will appear stating “Please update your browser.” It also contains several messages explaining why and how should I download the program. I tried to download the said update just for verification but instead of a file, it redirects to other web sites showing various ads. These pop-up ads from ‘Browser Update’ seem to be sticking with the browser. There is no way to close it unless I will end the browser program.

I have Norton and AVG installed on my computer just to remove Browser Update virus, but both didn’t help. Pop-up blocker that is with my browser for a long time is also no match for the virus. I am very frustrated to see these security tools beaten by Browser Update malware. With the constant pop-up ads, I can’t use the PC normally and works has been delayed.

Thanks in advance to those who can help me solve this problem.

Geof Wells

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  1. Failan22

    “Browser Update” message only appears on the computer when you are visiting malicious web sites. This tries to persuade users into installing a potentially unwanted program that is pretending to be an update for Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome.

    Adware infection or browser add-on that has compromised the browser also causes the fake browser update message to appear. To resolve this problem, simply scan the computer with anti-malware and anti-virus of your choice. If you can find and delete suspicious add-on and extension on browser settings, it can do the trick.

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