Remove bizcoaching virus from browser

bizcoaching virus has taken over my Internet Explorer browser. I still don’t know how it got into the computer. My McAfee antivirus is fully updated and working, but it doesn’t detect any virus or malware presence on the computer. Bizcoaching is creating multiple issues on my computer, reason why I cannot use it normally. I get many pop-up ads from There are times that my browser is redirected to some ads from the same address.

Bizcoaching virus has also made some changes on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Though, it has made great damages on Internet Explorer browser. The effect on Firefox and Chrome is purely on new tab. Every time I run these two browsers, I see ads from bizcoaching. I cannot find a way to stop it. I see no relevant programs. Checking the add-ons, plug-ins, and extensions of each browser shows no entries from bizcoaching. I am running out of solution to get rid of it. I need help.

My computer is running on Windows 7 Home Premium. All my browsers are updated. Even my antivirus program has the most recent database. I only conclude that adware authors are using some technique that made bizcoaching to penetrate my computer undetected.

Many thanks!
Gerard Fleen

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  1. harvey

    When my computer got infected with the deadly bizcoaching virus, all my home page was set to its own domain using random sub directories as URL. It is not so easy to remove. In fact, you will need a combination of removal tools.

    First, I run a scan of Malwarebytes. It found a couple of threats but not totally removing bizcoaching from the browser. It is still active after removing what the program has detected as threats. Next, I run a scan of Avast Browser Cleanup. It identified some dodgy add-ons and plug-ins on the browser. I choose to remove them, at any rate, I never install those add-ons. You can download Avast Browser Cleanup here:

    Last thing I did was to run a scan of Hijack This. It is a free tool that you can download from TrendMicro. You have to be careful in using this one. Be sure to delete items that you found suspicious. After this method, I restarted the browser and clean-up all temp files, cache, cookies, and so on.

    No more bizcoaching ads, redirects, and hijacking after I restarted Windows.

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