Remove redirect virus

Please help me. Since yesterday whenever I try browsing the Internet, it always redirects me to I have a suspicion that it all started after I have downloaded a video player. The said program was already removed from the PC but still Internet browser keeps on redirecting to

I have also scanned the computer with a number of anti-virus programs like ad-aware, kaspersky, and avg but to no avail. In fact, no virus was identified on my laptop. I also have checked for adware plug-in but I can see that browser is clean. No suspicious program either on add/remove when I go to control panel.

Please help me, I am running out of solutions. If I still cannot find a way to remove redirect virus, I will end up reformatting the system. So far, this is the only way I can be sure that all malware, adware, and viruses from the computer will be wiped out.

Please suggest a solution.
Thanks for the help.


  1. LindaJack

    Have you tried ADWcleaner? I am optimistic that this tool can get rid of virus. Plus, it will also remove any adware or malware from your computer.

  2. Andregege

    i got same issued here..

    and i dont think this virus is attack pc.. because all my pc in my office infected and when i install new laptop and start browsing, i got redirected too..

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