Remove Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector

I keep on receiving an alert from Comcast about certain bot or virus infection. Trying to search the web for this kind of virus brings no clear solution. A friend told me to use a tool from xfinity. I visited the site at and this was the result.

Constant Guard Reports
1 Bot Detected
Bot NameTypeLast SeenMore Info
Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector Multi-Purpose June 27th 2013, 10:22:09 pm
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Bot Notes: Unclassified
Times Seen: 8

After a few minutes, I run another test and it comes out clean. It’s weird. This Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector first appeared last week. At first, I only gets the warning once a day, but as days goes by, level of detection rises. Now, the virus warning appears every 5 minutes or so. I guess it’s about time to focus on solving this issue and never ignore it.
I know there are millions of Comcast/Xfinity users. Please feel free to share your ideas.


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  1. albert_bb

    Sometimes, countless detection of virus like this one are just false-positive. I’ve seen many complaints about this Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector virus, but most of them claim no malware infection on the computer. If that is the case, better update the program that produces the warning. In some cases, when this issue reaches the developer, they will act to fix it as soon as possible. Just give them time.

    If the developer insists that virus or malware is present on your computer. You may need to run two of the known threat remover. Use malwarebytes antimalware to delete any malware from the computer. Next, download and scan the computer with adwcleaner to check any harmful elements on the browser.

    After executing the scan and you are still seeing Adware_CriminalFinancial_SProtector virus alert, try to restore your PC to its previous configuration.

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