Registry Editing and Folder Option

I have tried using the tweak rewriting (as given in your post), I have used the RRT (demo) program, the gpedit.msc method and tried Disk Heal program but I still cannot access my registry editor. My computer goes off when I tried to run regedit. With this problem I don’t see the folder option menu. Any other method I can use to solve this annoying blockage by the malware, besides purchasing RRT?



  1. tekie

    That would be hard. First thing you need to do is remove the malware thats preventing you from running the regedit. Yes, you can do that without accessing the registry moreso you cannot remove the threat by just editing the registry, so dont focus on that. The malware on your computer keeps on reversing whatever process you made or tweaking.

    Try rebooting your computer in SafeMode with networking and scan with online virus scanners.

  2. waseem

    here is ur solution:
    start–> “run” type “gpedit.msc” go to
    User Configuration in Group Policy
    Administrative Templates
    go to
    Windows Components
    go to
    Windows explorer
    and then:
    the 3rd option
    ” Removes the Folder Options menu item From the Tools Menu”
    Right Click “Properties” Disable”
    and u ve done” GoodLuck”

  3. waseem

    for your “regedit”
    here is the solution.
    is the link where u can download the file “EnableRegTool” save it and then” Right click” and “install” it.
    here u done…
    waseem plz inform me

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