Registration code for System Care Antivirus

System Care Antivirus took over my computer after updating java on my computer. I never thought that the java update is a front for this malware. Now that it is inside my computer, I cannot use it normally. Each time I want to access files, System Care Antivirus will give a warning saying that the file is infected with virus.

I know that this rogue software is not so easy to remove. I have been infected with this kind of virus before and I remember that I have to activate the fake anti-virus in order to remove it successfully from the PC. This is the reason why I am seeking for System Care Antivirus registration code or serial key.

I am not dumb to buy this program. All I want to do is remove it from my computer after acquiring the code. Once active, I can use my anti-malware tool to delete remaining files and registry entries.

Please help me.


  1. danilove

    At least you know that System Care Antivirus is a virus. It is difficult to remove this malware from computer if you will rely on manual method. Some tools may also not fully delete the virus because it is designed to be stealth at some point. The best thing to do is activate System Care Antivirus as you sought. Once active, you will regain access to anti-virus as well as Internet. You must download programs like Malwarebytes Anti-malware, Rogue Killer, and TDSS Killer to remove the malware and the rootkit Trojan that injects the harmful code on your PC.

    Here is the serial key : AA39754E-715219CE

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    that my k7 antivirus code is gone i had to activate my k7 antivirus how i c

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    thanx a lot dude….i almost wipe my windows,but your key safe me.once again thanx a lot…..

  24. Farah

    I’ve already used that serial num but it doesn’t work, when I click ok then suddenly out a warning “serial code invalid”. Please help me, I need some way out. I’m stressed.

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