Recover files corrupted by Pianoman Virus

Dear All,

A number of computer users on our network are complaining of a virus that adds ‘PianoManCorrupt’ at the end of filename. It affects Microsoft Office files mostly, especially Word documents. They cannot open the files and instead receiving an error on each attempt.

Only one personnel claims of downloading free software from Torrent. It is also the first machine to have been infected with Pianoman virus. This could be a network-aware malware that spreads on other PC. Luckily, the network server is not affected, maybe because it is running on a different operating system or it could be due to higher file restrictions implemented. Also, different anti-virus and firewall application is installed on our server.

It is so sad that installed antivirus on all our network stations wasn’t able to pick up the Pianoman malware. All our stations are equipped with the latest virus definitions so we are not sure how the threat gets inside.

I don’t have any problems dealing with the Pianoman virus. My only concern it the recovery of all ‘PianoManCorrupt’ files. I need tools to do this because as I have mentioned, antivirus software on our office is not detecting this security threat.

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  1. mary

    Unfortunately i have failed to download the tool

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