PUP.Optional.Conduit detected

I keep on getting various pop-up advertisements on my computer so I decided to run a scan. Malwarebytes identified a number of threats known as PUP.Optional.Conduit. With the detection of MBAM, I known how bad is PUP.Optional.Conduit so I deleted whatever was identified. After the scan, I run another scan using the same tool. So far, none were detected but I am not convinced that everything is OK now.

Pop-ups from the same PUP.Optional.Conduit is still appearing on my computer. I think the scan did not fully remove the virus from my computer. What other steps should I make to totally get rid of the PUP.Optional.Conduit?

By the way, aside from pop-up, I am also noticing browser redirect problem on the computer. Home page was also altered to a Conduit Search. This whole thing started after I have fooled into downloading and installing what supposed to be a valid Windows Update. When the adware started to appear, I know that what I have downloaded is purely a malware.

Please help me remove PUP.Optional.Conduit properly because as I have said, my security program cannot fully delete it. I was thinking of reformatting the computer because this virus is bugging me for two days and still I couldn’t find a way to remove it.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. JoeCandy

    I run AdwCleaner and it detected dozens of unknown or malicious entries in the registry. I fix and remove whatever the scanner found regardless whether they are legitimate add-ons and plug-ins. All I want is to remove PUP.Optional.Conduit virus. Fortunately, the scan with AdwCleaner solves the issue.

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