Procedures to remove Outfox TV

I don’t know if this Outfox TV is a virus or some kind of malware. It has invaded my computer particularly Mozilla Firefox browser. It’s been almost 3 days that Outfox TV has been hijacking my Internet browser. My home page was now set to, which I never remembered making it as the default start-up page. I don’t have an idea how this thing got into my computer. There is no program or adware downloaded recently. Outfox TV just pop-out one morning when I open Firefox.

I have done many things to remove Outfox TV. Scanning the computer with my antivirus program never help. No virus or malicious files were found. Manually removing the subject on my Firefox do not materialized either. I have changed the home page settings to Google, but Outfox TV keeps on restoring its own settings. I am running out of options and do not know what else to be done to remove Outfox TV from this infected computer. Any other suggestions?

By the way, Outfox TV affects only Firefox browser. It is not visible nor have any influence on Internet Explorer and Google Chrome.


  1. Angela

    I have the same experience. Such a virus hijacked my Firefox, and won’t go away. I have tried all of my antivirus, but ended with no avail.

  2. JBradock

    Outfox TV is one nasty browser hijacker. You may have click on malicious links elsewhere of have downloaded an adware into the computer. Check your list of installed application and remove/uninstall suspicious one.

    Also, check the settings of your browser and see if there are entries pertaining to Outfox TV. You must delete it to stop the browser hijacking activities.

    As far as I know, recent version of Outfox TV contains an uninstall function. You may want to update your version to the recent one before running an uninstall process. Do not forget to scan the computer with antivirus program after completing the removal steps.

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