Remove Printer virus – constant printing of garbage files

I have a computer problem. I think it is a printer virus. My computer seems to sends a lot of gibberish printing jobs. The printout contains many garbled characters that mean nothing but garbage. It has wasted paper and inks in my office.

This started when my staff accidentally clicks on a link on her email. Our Symantec antivirus immediately detects the virus as Trojan.Milicenso. If it detects the virus why the antivirus software can’t delete it. Everytime we start the computer, this Trojan appears and Symantec will just quarantine it. It says that it cannot be deleted until the computer is restarted.

Please help us remove this printer virus. We cannot use the infected computer on a network because it keeps on sending print jobs. For the meantime, it is a standalone PC. We are also afraid that it might spread the virus on other network computers.

Thanks so much in advanced.