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My computer is suffering from uwavou.com pop-up virus. This thing will appear when I am doing a search on Google. Pop-up blocker and other security settings are enabled on my browser but uwavou.com keeps on showing and redirecting my pages. I have contacted site owner for removal instructions but they did not respond. I never installed any kind of adware to have this uwavou.com redirect virus as an added program. Though, I must admit that I have visited an adult web site and tries to download some images. I received a notification which I clicked that may have downloaded and installed a virus causing my browser to be redirected to uwavou.com.

Please extend help for my problem. I really need to get out the hijacker on my browser. As of now, I only used Firefox and I don’t have plans of using much security-weak programs like Internet Explorer of Google Chrome.



  1. downunder

    How to Disable uwavou.com on Internet Explorer
    1. Open Internet Explorer.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Manage Add-ons.
    3. On right panel look for uwavou.com entry and click on Disable button to stop the service.
    4. You may now restart Internet Explorer.

    How to Uninstall uwavou.com in Google Chrome
    1. Open Google Chrome Internet browser.
    2. Click on Wrench icon or ‘Customize and Control Google Chrome’ button located on top right corner of the browser.
    3. Click on Tools > Extensions from the drop-down list.
    4. You can see uwavou.com from the list of installed extensions; remove it by clicking on the ‘Trash’ icon.
    5. Please restart Google Chrome.

    How to Remove uwavou.com in Mozilla Firefox
    1. Open Mozilla Firefox Internet browser.
    2. On top menu, go to Tools > Add-ons.
    3. Remove uwavou.com from the list of installed add-ons.
    4. Restart Mozilla Firefox.

  2. Geofrey

    Thanks alot for your reply downunder -Helped me :)

  3. Geofrey

    Thanks alot for your reply downunder -Helped me :)

  4. andrew

    I inherited this browser “hijacker” by downloading “arcade safari” from facebook ! followed downunders instructions and found and disabled it. Top guy

  5. Zay

    Thanks, That really helped….

  6. Cynthia

    Google Chrome instructions above fixed my problem. Thanks

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