Pop-up ads by ad.xtendmedia.com and content.yieldmanager.edgesuite.net

Hello. It’s been almost two days since my browser got infected with pop-up virus coming from ad.xtendmedia.com and content.yieldmanager.edgesuite.net. The pop-up always appears in bottom left corner of the Internet browser. It does not always display. There are times that this virus hijacks my Google searches and redirect me to web site I do not know.

With antivirus on my computer, I was hoping that a simple scan can remove the virus, but it did not happen. The scan did not identify ad.xtendmedia.com or edgesuite.net’s presence even though it is reigning on my PC.

I do not know what to do. Please help me. What are other virus scanners that can detect and remove the virus on my computer? I am looking for a quick solution or program because I am not skillful in Windows and troubleshooting.