PC is locked by BSA virus

My computer is locked by BSA (Business Software Alliance) since yesterday. I cannot access my programs, especially antivirus. How am I supposed to scan my computer when BSA virus does not allow me to use the PC even in safe mode. In fact, when I start Windows in safe mode, the computer will hang after the logo appears. Pressing ctrl+alt+del is not working and only the reset button can reboot it.

This BSA (Business Software Alliance) virus may have come from a program I downloaded yesterday. I was watching a video then suddenly a pop-up appears asking me to install the player. After that, my computer restart on its own and once it log on to Windows, I saw the BSA warning like this:

“Your personal computer has been notices in viewing, storing and using of forbidden and pirated software, audio, and video content.
Now your PC is locked by Business Software Alliance trade group and Information Resources Management Association.”

What can I do now? I need help regarding this virus.

Thanks and God Bless

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  1. techme

    Download Kaspersky Rescue Disk

    1. Download the ISO image of Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10 (kav_rescue_10.iso) from official website.
    2. Download the Kaspersky Rescue Disk Maker (rescue2usb.exe) from Kaspersky website.

    Create A Bootable USB Drive

    3. Insert a clean USB flash drive to available slot. To record the ISO file and create a bootable USB drive, double-click on rescue2usb.exe. It will extract the files and create a folder called Kaspersky Rescue2Usb.
    4. Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker should run after the extraction. If not browse the Kaspersky Rescue2Usb folder and run the rescue2usb file.

    5. From Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk Maker console, click on Browse and locate the file kav_rescue_10.iso.

    6. On USB Medium, select the USB drive you wanted to make as bootable Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk. This will become a bootable virus scanner.

    7. Click in Start to begin the process.

    8. When the process is complete, it will display a notification message. Your tool to remove BSA virus is now ready.

    Boot The Computer From The USB Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10

    9. Since BSA virus uses a rootkit Trojan that controls Windows boot functions, we need to reboot the computer and select the newly created Kaspersky USB Rescue Disk as first boot option. On most computers, it will allow you to enter the boot menu and select which device or drives you wanted to start the PC. Refer to your computer manual.

    10. If you successfully enters the boot menu, choose the USB flash drive. This will boot the system on Kaspersky Rescue Disk. Press any key to enter the menu.

    11. If it prompts for desired language, use arrow keys to select and then press Enter on your keyboard.

    12. It will display End User License Agreement. You need to accept this term to be able to use Kaspersky Rescue Disk 10. Press 1 to accept.

    13. The tool will prompt for various start-up methods. We highly encourage you to choose Kaspersky Rescue Disk Graphic Mode.

    Remove BSA virus Using Windows Unlocker

    14. Once the tool is running, you need to run WindowsUnlocker in order to delete registry that belongs to BSA virus. On start menu located at bottom right corner of your screen, select the K icon or select WindowsUnlocker if it is present on the Menu.

    15. This utility will start removing any components that blocking you from accessing the computer. It will display a log file containing actions performed on the infected computer like deleted infected file and removed registry entries.

    16. After removing components of BSA virus. You need to scan the system using the same tool. On start menu, select Kaspersky Rescue Disk.

    17. Be sure to update the program by going to My Update Center tab. Click on Start update.

    18. After the update, go to Object Scan tab and thoroughly scan the computer to locate other files that belong to BSA virus.

    19. Restart the computer normally when done.

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