‘partner50.mydomainadvisors.com’ slows-down web page loading

I am having problems with most of my Internet browser. Each time I try to view some web page; it will take a while before it completely loads. There were times that it just hangs and stop on a blank white page. Looking at the status bar, I can see a message “Waiting for partner50.mydomainadvisors.com”. It is obvious that the page is obtaining something from the said URL. Whether it is ads, programs, codes, or other items is one thing I am not sure of.

This partner50.mydomainadvisors.com issue does not occur in all web sites. I can browser Facebook, Yahoo, and MSN without any problem. I think it always take place on less popular web sites. On some web site, the page loads partially, only text and other items are displayed. Videos or pictures will be left blank.

So far, I have cleaned the browsers with temp files, removed all cache and history. Reinstalling Chrome, Internet Explorer, and Firefox doesn’t help in solving issues with partner50.mydomainadvisors.com either.

Please help me.
Peter Patrick