OS_Merge[3].JS virus

I need help, quick. My antivirus just alerted me of OS_Merge[3].JS virus. This is quite a new one because I can’t seem to find any topic on security forums. I did search the Internet but could not see information about OS Merge[3].JS. Aside from that, I also notice other variants from log files such as OS Merge[1].JS, OS Merge[2].JS, and OS Merge[1].TXT.

To give you an idea, I was browsing the net and arrived at a business portal web site when my antivirus pop-ups this alert. It says that my computer is infected with OS_Merge[3].JS. It put into the isolated (chest) and advises a restarts of Windows. However, after restarting and going online again, the same warning appears.

I just don’t know what to do know. It may be inside my computer and my antivirus is not capable of removing it. Please tell me how to remove OS_Merge[3].JS virus from my PC.

Thanks a lot.


  1. blackole

    From the virus name itself, I guess it is a web-based attack. There could be a harmful Java Script file on web site that you visited that triggers antivirus program to post a warning.

    Do you experience it on all web sites or just particular page or address? Run another virus scan using online virus scanner and see what will happen. Search this “Eset Online Virus Scanner”.

    On another note, it could be just a false positive from your antivirus software. Most AV programs are very sensitive to Java scripts and files due to recent exploitation. Try updating your installed antivirus program and see it the warning persists.


  2. DJ

    Your PC has a malware attack. You must scan your computer with good anti-malware software to remove all viruses, malwares and Trojans from your computer and to stop occurring all affected java scripts. I’m using Immunet Plus; you can also try this for scanning and further protection of your computer.

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