Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor Removal Procedure

I need some help. My computer was struck by Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor virus. Actually, it was my little brother who got this thing by installing game software online. The virus made my PC to perform poorly. Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor seems to be consuming too much memory and CPU resources. Browsing the web is also affected by this virus. I am having very poor browsing experience; it will take a minute or two before I can open any web page.

Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor was not picked up by my Norton antivirus during the scan. I am looking at add-remove options, but couldn’t find this nasty program there. So, there is no way to uninstall Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor automatically.

How can I remove Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor is my antivirus program says it is safe and no uninstall function on Windows? I anyone here can offer me some help in getting rid of this malware I would be more thankful.


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  1. peterson

    To uninstall “Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor” and other hard to remove program, you can use the free version of Revo Uninstaller. Please follow this guide:

    1. Download and install Revo Uninstaller Free.

    2. Once installed, double-click the Revo Uninstaller to run the program.
    3. It will display a list of programs. Please select “Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor” to begin the removal.
    4. When it prompts if you want to uninstall “Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor”, click Yes.
    5. Make sure that Moderate option is selected. Click Next.
    6. Go on with the uninstall procedure until the program has searched for leftovers.
    7. Leftovers are the bold items. Tick these items and click Delete. Then follow the prompts.
    8. If it shows folders that are suspicious, better Delete them also.
    9. Click Finish once removal of “Optimizer Pro Performance Monitor” is done.

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