ntcreatfile log error access denied and hard drive failure virus

Just this morning, when I am browsing the Internet, both Windows and my antivirus program issued several warnings. It shows a report about ntcreatfile log error access denied, hard drive failure, files are missing, and unable to locate sector. It is clear to me that it is a hard drive issues. However, it is unclear if a virus or plain hard drive faults cause it.

Running a boot scan reveals that the computer is suffering from “ntcreatfile log error 0cc0000022 – access denied” and at the same time, master boot record (MBR) is infected with SST rootkit Trojan. I am lost and totally out of control in fixing this hard drive virus problem. So please, help me. I need tools to remove the virus and repair whatever damages it causes to my disc.


  1. albert

    My guess, a virus or Trojan is trying to access or modify the master boot record while you are running the PC. Although it is already infected, there is still high chance that the current malware is attempting to enhance its presence that is why it attempts to install more threats.

    Making a bootable virus scanner is CD is the best thing you can do to delete the virus. You can easily make one through Kaspersky’s rescue disc. Just check the vendor’s web site.

  2. Reina

    I read your may 2nd post on MSE and I had a couple quiosetns. While you say you like MSE and that it is free, what is your opinion of how it rates against the various paid programs in so far as protection? Paid anti virus or internet protection programs have come down in price over the years and while I don’t know all the current pricing nor which paid program is best. I believe many such as Kasperski is under $50 per computer or less. I have used Kasperski in the past and never had any real problems. So with the potential damage or loss from a bad virus in one’s computer costing over $50 to repair, do you recommend a good paid program over a freebe? If so which ones?Let me know what u think.Rudy

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