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I have the redirect virus on my computer. I am losing hope and cannot remove it with various ways I have tried. First, I scan my computer with Kaspersky, it found some Trojans and removed them at once. However, the Trojan seems to be not related to Newsbusters hijacker.

I also did run Superantispyware on my computer; it found some cookies and some risky registration keys. Again, the program was able to delete those threats. After a reboot, my computer is still suffering from redirect virus.

All my searches are redirected to the said web site. Also, browsing is also affected. If I type a URL on the address box, it seems to go to the right direction at first, but after a few seconds, the browser will be redirected to

Is this infection cause by some kind of malware currently residing on my computer? What is the best program to run at this moment since some of the antivirus software I have used has no success?
If I will be running out of options and cannot delete this redirect, I was thinking of reformatting the PC.

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  1. pennyjohny got into my computer 2 days ago. Since I am knowledgeable in fixing troubles such as this one, I found newsbusters not a big deal. I got rid of it after scanning my computer with two of the most trusted adware and malware remover.

    First, download malwarebytes anti-malware. The free version of this tool is enough to scan and delete data formed by hijacker. Run a complete scan on the computer once you have downloaded and updated the program.

    Next, download adwCleaner. This is also a free tool that performs well on removing adware and hijackers.
    After running both programs in normal mode of Windows, I suggest restarting your PC to Safe Mode and run another scan from there. This will ensure that no more remnants of is left inside the computer.

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