Mystart Incredibar Removal Help

So somehow this thing got on my computer and I cannot seem to get rid of it. I will list off everything I have done so we don’t waste our time. I use Google Chrome, I have gone into the browsers, set google as my main browser and removed Mystart from that list. I have gone into extensions and removed it from there as well. I have gone to my uninstall page and removed it from there as well. I have also gone into my program files and searched for it there. I cannot find anything else to get rid of but it is still on my computer and if nothing else it is really pissing me off. Any help would be much appreciated.

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  1. teedoo

    You may need to remove other programs from Control Panel. Look for the presence of Web Assistant, Incredimail, Live Search, and other entries that are suspicious. Also, you need to run anti-malware scan to make sure that Incredibar entries are deleted from the registry.

    Other things you need to do are the following:
    1. Go to Chrome Settings and locate ‘Privacy’. Click on Clear browsing data.
    2. Navigate to ‘Search’ options and click on Manage Search Engines. Make sure that your default is Google and remove any other entries.
    3. Browse to ‘On Startup’ then click on Set Pages under ‘Open a specific page or set of pages.’ Make sure that it is set to and no more other entries are present.

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